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Fullmoon in Sagittarius🏹

Jun 12, 2022

Hey Goddess!

We have another full moon coming up soon. So, what does that mean for you?

Humans have looked to the sky for answers since time begin. We've even created whole religions around men in the sky acting as our judge and jury. Therefore, understanding the language of the sky can pretty much help you be prepared for possible events, and move though them easily.

Because of my studies in astrology and universal principles, I have found that my fascination with the sky helps me in my everyday life. Back in ancient Egypt the moon was associated with Thoth the God of knowledge wisdom and magic. In Greek mythology Thoth is described as Mercury, the messenger and he and the other Greek gods represent the planets that are in our skies. So in imitation of the personification of the energies around us that Egypt created; The Greeks were able to do the same thing with our planets. This tidbit can help you learn the personalities or energies of each planet while studying astrology.

In today's modern society the moon is said to hold governance over the tides as well as mental health and the female reproduction system. This is evidenced if you've ever worked in a hospital whereas during the full moon season, (3 days before and 3 days after) the amount of ER visits increases; the amount of babies born increases; the amount of schizophrenic outbursts increases, all creating busyness and lunacy (moon craziness) in the hospital environments. 

However this connection with the moon is not to be feared but to be recognized as a important time in which are mind and spirit are heightened. The  vibratory frequency of the planet shifts to a mostly  emotional and spiritual frequency from a mostly mental and physical frequency.

With that being said this is the perfect time to put in your own work to guide your own mental and emotional capacity and to manifest the things that are important to you. Each phase of the moon has its own energy and potential usefulness. 

The moon goes through several phases on its journey around our planet. The first being the new moon, followed by the waxing moon, then we have the full moon, which is then followed by the waning moon, which takes us into the dark moon.

On June 14th 2022 we will experience the Sagittarius full moon.

The energy of the full moon is useful for purifying ourselves, our spaces, our thoughts, and our minds. The full moon is also great for divination any psychic enhancement or spiritual work that you are interested in doing on yourself. The full moon is also great for drawing in love or putting protection around yourself. If you are in any court situations or anything with the authorities it is also a great time to call in justice, self-empowerment and ancestral support. The full moon is also powerful in sex manifestation and wish fulfillment practices.

While spending its time in the Realm of Sagittarius energy, this moon gives off an adventurous energy. It may take you outside of your comfort sone. This may make you impulsive and spontaneous. You can definitely use this time to manifest feelings of optimism and joy. You can work your magic for travel leisure and business.

Do you want to explore the country? This would be a great time to hop on a plane and take a trip. Would you like to attract more clients in your business? This would be a great time to share your work .  Do you wanna stand out in a crowd? Wear a little bit of red lipstick, a red flower or red handkerchief in your lapel. Try not to focus too much right now on things that may bring you down but stay focused on the things that make you happy and enjoy life.

If you found that this information was helpful and he would like to know more, I highly recommend that you join our goddess and training class. In the classes we go into depths of this information so that you can use these tools to create the life that you want to live and learn to manifest your reality.

Take a journey and find yourself™  .

Goddess Rhonda


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