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The Full moon in Cancer may shed light on hidden emotions

cancer coaching emotions full moon self care Dec 29, 2022

Happy New Year!

We start 2023 off with a bang! And after a short break for the festivities of the season, we jump right back into the self love work for the collective. This month's full moon happens on January 6, 2023 and is in the sign of Cancer. This placements starts 2023 with deep emotional introspection.

Cancer is a water sign, its concerns are the home, family, emotional awareness and nourishment The energy of cancer is that of a nurturing protective mother. The crab represents the time we need in our shell with those who love us. The energy of the moon is subconscious, inward emotions and your psyche. During this time, these energies are amplified. When we have the full moon in Cancer (aka the Wolf Moon) you may feel moody, want to be left alone in your solitude, or just emotional for no reason, or you may want to be surrounded by friends and family. 

The full moon in Cancer is illuminating your fourth house of home, family, and your emotional center. Not only is the moon at home in Cancer, but it’s also shedding light into areas of your life concerning stabilization, safety, peace and prosperity.

The Full Moon in Cancer may uncover whatever it is that you are trying to avoid/ bury/ cope with or suppress. This full moon in Cancer invites you to stand up for your self-care needs, your comfort, and your security. If you are triggered, you may want to ask yourself these few things.

Where is cancer in my birth and/or progressed chart?
How do these highly sensitive energies affect me?
Who or what has been standing in the way of peace for me?
What can I expect to learn through this situation or conversation?

Mercury will also be retrograde in Aquarius during this full moon, inviting us to rehash issues from the past and release what’s necessary to move forward. With that being said, confrontations/disagreements, or other adverse situations that arise during this time have likely been brewing for a while. The Cancer Full moon will allow things to bubble up to the surface to shed light on the problems. It is up to you to recognize these problems as opportunities and to focus on finding solutions which will lead to your own inner peace. 

Do you need help sorting out your feelings during this intense time?
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