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~Health is our greatest wealth~

Simple and Fun

Better health shouldn't be complicated, and learning how to live healthy shouldn't be intimidating! That's why I have designed a simple and engaging wellness experience designed to help you through the dis-ease recovery process. 


The first step to healing is awareness. We will work together to identify the Root Cause of Your Health challenge. 

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After identifying the root cause, you will learn how to let go of mental,  emotional and/or spiritual blocks that may be manifesting in your body as dis-ease.

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As a result of doing this work with me, you will restore your heart, mind, and body into balance.

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With our #Be4EverWell Facebook Community, the answer to any question you have throughout your journey is only one post away. We're here for you!

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Meet Your Coach

Rhonda Hemphill LSHC

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach 

As a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC), Rhonda is  qualified to help you surrender to the Divine and accept Divine healing on every level of your being.

Thus by understanding your divine connection, you may gain self mastery, and achieve spiritual fulfillment and spiritual healing.

She has helped dozens of clients find balance in their health and wellness, and guided them towards creating a life that includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fulfillment.

Rhonda brings 20+ years of experience as a professional physician educator with concentrations in Heart, Vascular, Reproductive, Digestive, and Endocrine systems. She has trained hundreds of doctors and medical staff.

Rhonda is an ordained minister who holds certifications in medicine, meditation, finances, and coaching.

Rhonda provides support though classes and coaching.


Joy C. 

When I met Rhonda I was struggling with Asthma, Emotional balance and anger, Many issues begin to settle after working with her. Rhonda is very sensitive to life issues and is in tune with the holy spirit. She understands what a person's emotional, mental, and physical needs are.



H. Watkins

 I was on multiple medications. I believed that there were treatment options that wouldn't cause another problem requiring more medication. Rhonda was warm, knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to the wellness lifestyle. I learned how essential oils, herbs, diet and other practices lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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